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  • "I’ve had good experiences with chiropractors in the past so I know how good they are in treating pain in the body, especially in the neck, spine, upper and lower back and other extremities. I am male and 55 yrs. old. About 3 months ago I was experiencing severe pain in my lower back and hips probably caused by over doing it in the garden this past summer. I went to my family doctor and they said after taking x-rays that I had arthritis in both my hips. After an MRI revealed that I had a bulging disc in my lower back, I decided to see a chiropractor. After doing some research, I chose Dr. Anthony DiMola who is considered one of the better practitioners in the area. After going over the x-rays and educating me about my problem, In a matter of few weeks of steady visits, if you’re experiencing any pain anywhere in your body and conventional medicine has not corrected it or if you have any doubts about seeing a chiropractor, check out Dr. Anthony DiMola DC. He will be there for you."
    Carmine Stefanello